Wi-Fi Cloud connected Energy Devices

Our retro fit IoT devices control a buildings electrical supply by adapting to the users changing needs, deliver electrical power as it is required whilst monitoring the performance of the electrical supply at the point of use.

We believe energy intelligence and control at the point of use enables the smart electrical infrastructure, leading to improved energy utilization by optimizing performance and bringing new functionality to the electrical network

Every device has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and switching capability for a wide range of equipment and appliances 


Retro Fit

Compatible with EU, US & UK sockets and wall boxes


Monitors electrical health and power usage


Works with most loads up to 16A

Cloud Connected

Direct access through any browser

Virtual Electrical Networks – VeLAN

Devices are networked together to form virtual networks of devices that can share data to optimize your energy usage and control when energy is consumed by a user, an appliance or by a function

VeLAN enables new types of functionality

Demand Side Response

Utility co-ordination to disconnect loads at peek demand

Energy Cap

Limiting energy usage by prioritizing appliances


Pay per use

Point of use energy sales using electronic payment


Secure Power

Recording & preventing unauthorized equipment use.

Preventative Maintenance

Early warning of equipment failure and electrical health metrics

Equipment identification

Identify loads by their electrical signature

Usage patterns

Optimize energy use buy user, equipment, location and function

Failure Protection

Shutting down equipment before it takes out the electrical network