About C&S

C&S Technology has been operating since 2009 in beautiful North Wales and is the leading innovation company for the electrical circuit protection and energy management industry. We were founded to offer new innovative concepts and technology to the switchgear and circuit protection industry.
We have over 25 years’ experience in switchgear, and were co-founders of DeepStream Technologies Ltd. C&S are also recognised as the technology pioneers for low voltage digital circuit protection. Combined with extensive experience of wider industrial and consumer product design, we can offer a unique insight into the technology required for the circuit protection and energy management market.
Our past developments have transformed earth leakage protection from a simple un-sophisticated detection device into a high-performance measurement system capable of discriminating for differing fault conditions whilst maintain the electrical supply for longer, added to this our platform can offer a range of feature enhancements to allow greater configuration and user interaction.
We have continued our innovative & pioneering spirit by developing single and multi-phase Digital Technology specifically aimed at the emerging Digital Circuit Protection & Control Device market enabling embedded Electrical Intelligence & Smart Grid Functionality.
Innovation is at the centre of what we do, this combined with our experience has lead us to develop the business concept contained in this proposal. The concept takes a novel approach to managing the electrical infrastructure within buildings with the aim of offering increased levels of control, flexible deployment and improved visibility of how the electricity is used. Thus, leading to the prospect of more intelligent buildings that work for the user rather than the user compromising to the buildings infrastructure.