Electronics Design

C&S have been designing electronic circuits for over 30 years. We have a wide range of application product experience ranging from low voltage consumer products to high voltage and current circuit protection devices with integrated RF communications.
We can offer a complete design solution taking your concept to a tested and working prototype circuit, alternatively we can work with your design engineers to on aspects of your design.

Electronics Design Expertise & Experience

  • Low voltage – up to 480VAC 
  • On line power supplies  
  • Microprocessor
  • Sensors - Analogue Front End & digital conversion
  • Energy measurement
  • Communications – RF, Ethernet, Twisted Pair
  • HMI – LCD & OLED
  • Schematics & Simulation
  • Multi layer PCB – circuit miniaturizationThermal modelling – self heating
  • Hazardous Area, ATEX


Integrated Mechancial & Electronic Design

  • Bi-directional interface between MCAD & ECAD tools
  • Reduces design iteration cycle
  • Increase Electronic Desin efficiency
  • Enables Embedded Electronics applications